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Are you ready to step into your next level? 

Do you LOVE personal Growth? 

Is expanding into more of your TRUE CAPITAL S SELF like the sexiest thing ever? 

Right! It is though isn't it?

 It's such a Ride! Crazy exciting and kinda scary too, but in a good way.  

If this sounds like you

 Well then I understand you! 

Personal Growth is my JAM!

And if you want to Have a Lovely Experience of Personal Empowerment 

and You would like to go on an adventure with me to Bring more 

Joy    Love    Energy    Freedom   Playfulness  Creativity   Health   Well being   Self Love    Embodiment   Personal Power...

Then We Should Talk!

If you would rather stay stuck in "Ehhh life is good enough" energy 
and all the reasons why you can't create and live a life of your dreams. 
Then This isn't for you and though I am Also a Professional Cuddler
Which is my other Passion 
and I totally want to hold you and cuddle 
yes you are perfect just as you are, 
you deserve more love not less, even in your stuckness.

That said ...

Life is So Much more Fun When we are Powerfully Creating

and Embodying Our Unique Mix of Awesome!

And I want to help you do just that! 

We will work one on one together in Empowerment Coaching sessions and through our work you will disentangle yourself from the stories that are not serving you.  In fact they are actively holding you back and limiting your Awesome from shining as Bright as it could. After we have uncovered the stories that are Shackling you, we will actively create new Stories 


based upon the reality of your actual life.  

WE will find the Glitter in your Gold. 

The magic within you and Your Own ability and power 


Shine the light of your Awareness on just that.  

Oh I so want you to SHINE baby! 

Like as bright as the Sun.  The world needs your light.  

You need your light.  

Your Loved ones need your light.  

When Your Light shines forth in expanded ways 

say hello to more 

Freedom, Pleasure, Life force Energy, Radiance, JOY and beyond

Say Hello to your Next Level of Expansion!

And this is an ARTFUL Experience 

Because besides being a genuine heart centered 

empathic momma, I



That's my life dream there 

so just give me a sec to celebrate that. mmm.. Smiling over here

 Ok back to the point here...



I was thinking... 

Lets work together in a NEW WAY. 

One the world has never seen before. 

I can help guide you into your 

Next Level of Expansion that your soul is SO ready for.  

AND Then 

make you a gorgeous work of Art 

that Holds the energy of all you are Creating. 

A Beautiful Piece of Art For You and Your Home.  

A Painting that literally Signals to your brain and body the 

NEW Stories You are choosing for yourself!

Oh my gosh I am so excited! Because this is the 

Next Level of EXPANSION For MY SOUL! 

I am So Dang INSPIRED about this work!

So Feel into this.  

Do you feel a dose of excited energy? 

Is your body a little more alive while reading this?

Maybe a little whisper of "I want to do this"

If so

Call me, email me, text me 

whatever you prefer and we can set up a Consultation

You are Worth This.  

You are Beautiful 

Come be Seen and Lets Make Your Life Into A Work of Art!

Gosh I am glad we have met and that you found your way here.

 I am excited about you. NO matter if we work together or not, 

I am so and happy that you exist.  

And I cant wait for the world to see you shine your beautiful Soul. 

So Please Let your Light Shine. 

Be You.  You are Beautiful In your Own Uniqueness. 

I see you. And I would love to work with you if this Lights you up inside. 

Infinite Love -Gina Maray

Gina Maray Artful Experience