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What would it be like to be Witnessed Painted and Honored

I want to do that for you.  To See you. To Honor Your Uniqueness! Your beauty,  your body, your mind, your soul, your LIFE! I want to Affirm you and Help you Affirm yourself.  

This is About      




                        and CREATION

YOu Model

 I Bathe you in affirmations made just for you

 During your PHOTO SHOOT Here with me 

and then

i paint


Nudes welcome. Heck Yeah! 

OwN that beautiful Body Of yours! 

We can also Be More DISCREet if you prefer and or clothed 

It all works! 

This is for yOu my dear. 

Our relationship with our body is a sacred relationship. We get one body, this is a relationship worth cultivating.

Come Join me and Have a Body Positive Experience 

What's your Intention? Do you want to cultivate Body Neutrality? Body Peace? Body Love?

 These are all possibilities!!! I want all of these for you! 

We can create a quick experience together or take a Deep Dive into the work of 

Body Positivity. This is for you.  I am here to support you in this journey.  

And to create 

ART for YOU of YOU! How fun is that!

To Be Seen Sessions beginning at $400 and up

To be Seen By Gina Maray What you get


Call or Email to start the process!

to be seen Gina Maray Art studio
Gina's Affirmation Portraitexample 2
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