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Pet Portraits by Gina Maray

Pet Portraits Like No OtHer 

Want a painting that Deeply Honors a Beloved Animal? One that not only captures their absolutely adorable appearance but ALSO HIGHLIGHTS WHO they are, as well as the Unique and Sacred Bond they have with their People? 

I know the relationship between this Person and their Pet is one of Deep Love and I am here to offer a Pet Portrait Unique in its kind that Seeks to Capture and Honor that Precious One of a Kind Bond.  

A Portrait with hidden layers Under the Final painting  that are all about the Beautiful Being they are or were. This is an incredible way to Honor the Life of a Pet.  Lets Celebrate this Bond in Painted Form!




Bodhi Pet portrait Gina Maray art


Botsu pet portraits Gina Maray Art


Butch pet portraits Gina Maray Art


Marvin pet portraits Gina Maray Art


Doodles Pet portraits cats Gina Maray Art


 absolutely One of a Kind 

in All IT's Layers

"As soon as I saw Gina Maray's work and learned of her process I knew I needed to commission her to paint my beloved Marvin. I collected photos for inspiration and Gina and I talked on the phone for quite a while where she asked me my intention for the painting, what Marvin means to me, what our relationship was like, and if there were any special stories I wanted to share. She took tons of notes. She doesn’t simply paint the subject’s likeness, but she builds layers underneath the final image capturing everything her client shares with her. There is a little song I made up after Marvin transitioned that I sing to him everyday which I told Gina about. She actually painted the words to the song in the base layer along the four edges of the painting. This is such a personal piece and it means so much to me – it keeps a part of Marvin physically present in our home and that feels like such a gift. To my surprise, she also gave me a photo book showing all the layers underneath the final layer which brought me to tears. The entire experience was remarkable. Thank you, Gina!"

     How These  Unique Pet Portraits Work 


Step one is You reach out and tell me you want one! Once we have a signed contract and down payment, you send me some pictures and the process begins.  You send me some pictures that we will choose from and I make the  composition from the photo we decide on. 


Gathering Interview.  Here we spend some time together in a phone call or video call where you tell me all about your Pet and what they mean to you.  (If you don't like talking and prefer to write, you could also write all your thoughts and feelings about your beloved pet down and send them to me instead. ) This is where I gather and learn about your wonderful animal. This is the information I will use when painting the underlayer(S)  all about your Pet. And Now I can begin painting! 


I start with painting All about your Pet.  I use words and symbols to capture your Pet's personality and what they mean to you.  This Underlayer(s) are photographed along the way so you will be able to see what is under your final portrait.  


Once the underlayer(s) is complete and documented I begin painting the portrait.  The underlayers become hidden although the texture of the underpainting will be visible from some angels and a eye that is paying attention, hinting at all that's beyond our normal view.  With the portrait I paint until I am absolutely happy with the portrait and I feel the pet's personality and spirit has "Arrived".  Then once complete there are a few days for the paint to fully dry and then a coat Varnish is put down, it is photographed.  The Painting and whatever version of the documented underlayer(s) is then ready to be picked up or shipped out to you!

***you can also purchase a Basic Pet Portrait with No underlayers 

                                   For no underlayers subtract $50 from the 

Small but Mighty option

or 200$ from the Large Pet portrait prices

Pricing Guide

Pet portrait Pricing guide Gina Maray Art
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